Smartivity Augmented Reality enabled Globe TROTTERS

AED 275.00 AED 300.00


• Build-It-Yourself Globe with a Mechanical Rotator Mechanism, Latitude - Longitude spinners, and 2 dice (Mode of Transport, Number Of Moves) 
• Play single or multiplayer games with the globe with your Spherical Gameboard,Race Around The World - Play it like a ludo and race from one point to another . 
• Treasure Hunt where children have to visit 3 different points on continent as they move their pegs around the globe.Day-Night Game Learn how the planet experiences Day and Night as it rotates around. 
• Download the FREE GLOBETROTTERS Augmented Reality app, scan any country to learn about geographical and cultural features of the country. Play interactive quizzes and games based on this information. 
• Learn about Trade Routes and how natural resources reach us from different countries. 


All in one augmented reality globe which can be used to learn about trade roots, day and night mechanism, can be played liked a ludo where players race from one point of globe to another using dice points. Use our mobile app to learn abour different country and cultural features.


Suitable for 8 years old or above.


1-3 days

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