Smart Reusable Erasable Notebook with power bank and USB flash disk

Dhs. 361.95



Reusable Smart Notebook with flash drive and power bank wrapped in Leather
• Comes with 16GB flash drive and 8000 Mah power bank
• Store written data in your mobile(Thats why its called smart notebook)
• 50 reusable pages
• Every page can be used 1000+ times,so you can use it 50000+ times
• Easy to carry and storage of data in digital format via camscanner app
• Erase it using plain clothes or hair dryer or microwave
• Store your data in cloud
• Just carry this notebook and you have power bank to charge your mobile as well as storage(Flash drive) for storing any kind of digital data


Smart notebook with 16 GB flash drive and 8000 maH powebank. Suitable for students, kids, artist, architect and so on.



Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above


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