Skillmatics - Newton's Tree

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• Easy to assemble - 131-piece STEM game . It includes: 60 Apples, 8 Trunks, 54 Game Cards, 1 Newton Piece and 8 Branches and an easy-to-read instruction leaflet 
• Newton’s tree teaches kids about key physics principles such as; balancing masses, static equilibrium and center of gravity. 
• Help Newton grow the tallest tree in the park. Take turns to add or pluck apples, add branches and move Newton around, but make sure you don’t let the tree fall. 
• Improves kids imagination, creativity, constructional ability and focus. 


Get smart with Newton in this super fun game of balance and skill! Build newton's tree by adding branches and keep it balanced as you add and pluck apples and move Newton around. Strategize and play your game cards wisely! Are you going to be the one to fumble? Remember...To the tree, quicker the tumble!. 


Recommended Age: Suitable for 6+ Years


2-3 Days

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