Shifu Travel - 4D Educational Augmented Reality based card game | Explore the World in 4d|

AED 103.95


• Play fun and engaging puzzles and build-your-own activities with each vehicle.
• Stretch your vocabulary through fun Spelling & Pronunciation game.
• It is a comprehensive fun, learning game built to immerse all senses of the child while learning and playing
• Flashcards focus on visual learning that strengthens the kid's ability to retain and remember information better
• All materials used are child-safe.



Explore the world travel in 4D with 60 flashcards and fun games and puzzles! The flashcards aim to boost creativity and imagination through interactive puzzles and other learning activities.  It innovatively combines mobile devices and physical play through Augmented Reality. The companion Shifu App can be downloaded for FREE from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Wi-Fi required only for installation and a one-time setup, not after that. No Bluetooth required. No in-app purchases or ads.


Recommended Age: Suitable For 2 Years old or above 




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