Shifu Safari - The Educational 4D augmented reality based game

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• An educational and interactive flashcards based game
• Bring home the jungle in with 60 animals and fun puzzles!
• The companion Shifu App can be downloaded for FREE from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
• Wi-Fi required only for installation and a one-time setup, not after that. 
• No Bluetooth required. No in-app purchases or ads.
• All materials used are child-safe
• It innovatively combines mobile devices and physical play through Augmented Reality.


Designed by early childhood experts and parents, STEM toys aid development in fundamental years of life. The play scenario not only builds knowledge about the real world but also sparks imagination and creativity, and helps in strengthening cognitive, fine motor and language skills. Learn what each Animal eats through an interesting Quiz. Watch the animals in their natural habitat and making their distinct sounds. Watch the animals in their natural habitat and making their distinct sounds. Visualize the animal kingdom right on your mobile screen!  Safari has 60 animal cards for a fun & learning playtime. It includes all types of animals – terrestrial, aquatic, aerial and reptiles.


Recommended Age: Suitable For 3 Years old or above 





2-3 days

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