Science Is Magic Book - Spectacular science experiments

AED 85.00


•  Kids will love impressing their friends and families with simple magic tricks that teach them valuable science lessons at the same time.
•  Each trick is explained using step-by-step photography, and the science behind each magic trick is explained clearly and simply.


Science is Magic is the perfect addition to any classroom or library STEAM or STEM bookshelves. Learn how to perform magic tricks and illusions using simple Science experiments in this children's activity book for kids aged 7-9.  Learn how to bend water with a balloon, make a glass beaker disappear in oil, and Wow your friends with levitating tinsel! Each magic trick is explained using step-by-step photography, with the science behind each one described clearly and simply.  Science is magic is a must for any wannabe scientist or magician.


Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above.

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