Programmable Robot Car With Graphics Programming using Arduino UNO R3

Dhs. 516.32

• Radar measurement distance.
• Intelligent follow, automatically follow the moving object to walk. 
• Maze adventure, automatically avoid obstacles walking on the track
• Gesture control, swinging in front of the car with your hand, the car will rotate according to the direction of the hand
• According to the graphics movement of the host drawing, etc.


Through mobile phone video or computer mouse, you can flexibly control the rotation of the pan/tilt, up and down, and freely control the angle to give you a different visual experience. The camera captured image can be transmitted to the mobile phone or PC in real time to achieve the first person view angle and convenient operation. Equipped with 480P HD camera. The hardware is equipped with Arduino UNO R3 development board, L298N two-way high-power motor drive board, powerful, supporting common sensors. The software supports two simple graphical programming XR BLOCK, Linux, and Arduino IDE.


Recommended Age: Suitable for 10 Years old or above

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