Butterfly Fields - Understanding Quadrilaterals Math Project Kit

AED 210.95


• Make different quadrilaterals using a geo board to verify the different properties like: 
• If opposite sides are equal or parallel 
• If opposite angles are equal 
• If adjacent pairs of sides are equal 
• If diagonals are equal or perpendicular or bisect each other 


Quadrilaterals are everywhere! Books, screens, papers, devices, walls, posters – one could go on and on! But just like the many regular things in which the beauty of science lies, we overlook the magic behind quadrilaterals and all of the properties that make them such unique polygons. With the help of our Understanding Quadrilaterals kit, we deliver a Do-It-Yourself experience that brings quadrilaterals to the forefront, and simplifies them by showing their properties on an easy-to-construct and use geo board.


Recommended Age : 8 Years & Above


2-3 days

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