Messy Science Experiments Book (Fun With Science)

AED 35.00


• With fascinating information, coloring and doodling activities to complete and a dozen press-out projects to create
• There are hours of fun to be had cut, tearing and pulling apart the pages


Did anyone say you were messy? Did that make you shy away from experimenting and discovering new things? Here's a book that allows you to experiment and explore science in a messy way! Hands-on experiments are one of the best ways to learn important science lessons, and what better way to do so is there than to get a little messy? The projects in this book feature concise, step-by-step instructions and colorful illustrations that help engage and aid readers in completing the experiments. Eye-catching sidebars provide further insight on how and why each experiment works, and encourage readers to draw their own conclusions. These high-interest projects are a fun way to reinforce important lessons from elementary science curricula.


Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above.

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