Magic Crate Activity boxes - Gears

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Product description

Let us introduce our children to simple machines in a fun through play mechanism !!!

GEARS are one of the most important engineering elements. It might be seemingly small but helpful for machines of all kinds including watches, cars, cycles to automotive transmissions. In today’s fast paced life, it is impossible to imagine our lives without gears.

So let us gift this wonderful creative activity box to our kids to help them learn the science behind it. This amazing crate will guide you through the science behind the gears, their applications and how they make day-to-day life easier.

Kids will love building their own GEARED CRANE and enjoy see it in action as well.
Also kids will enjoy building their own MORSE CODE machine and learn internal morse codes as well. Before the invention of telephones, people communicated through Morse Code. It is a code that is used to send messages using just dots and dashes. This was done by sending a series of long and short light signals or sound signals.

What is there inside the box :

• Components to build your own Geared Crane(Toy)
• Components to build your own Morse Code Machine(toy)
• Guide book with detailed steps for parts to building geared crane and Morse code machine
• A very nice workbook to sharpen your mind with the concepts of GEARS and international MORSE code.
• Suitable for children above 8 years 
• 3 – 4 engaging activities in every box
• Hands on activity
• Interactive and engaging materials
• Playful challenges
• Pictorial simulation


•1-3 days

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