Kutuhal - Tesla coil wireless electricity experiment

AED 210.95


• Learn about wireless transmission of electricity using Tesla coil. 
• CFL or Neon Bulb glows without any wire connection. Kit comes with reciver circuit as well. 
• Best gift for childrens interested in science of electricity and wireless communication. 


This Tesla Coil work on Electromagnetic induction. When electricity flows through a Pre-wound up coil of wire, it generates a magnetic field that fills the area around the coil in a particular pattern. If you bring a tube light or a CFL bulb or tube light near your wireless power transmission device, it will glow a tube light. Best suited for a physics-science project for school/college. Easy to understand working model with a detail instruction manual.


Recommended Age: Suitable for 12 years old or above.


2-3 days

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