Kit4Curious - Magnetic Levitating Pencil Kit Bundle for Return gifts(12 pcs)

AED 475.95


• Levitating pencil using magnetism - scientific and magical showpiece. 
• Best gift as a return gift 
• Beautiful design, easy to assemble, Non-toxic material. 
• Includes booklet for educational and learning purpose 
• Improves kids imagination, creativity, constructional ability and focus. 
• Ideal for whole family. 


Kit can be used for educational, learning, experiment or decoration purpose. The kit includes everything to make the pencil levitating. The pencil can levitate, float and spin in a very interesting way. A propeller (Provided with the kit) or other interesting thing can be attached with the pencil end to make it more attractive. It can also be used as science show-piece for your study table or office table. It’s a unique and best gift idea ever. This science kit teaches kids about magnetic levitation concept in a joyful and meaningful way. The kit contains all materials necessary to perform the experiment of levitating pencil. Detailed instructions booklet is provided with the kit. Booklet also includes the content about magnetic levitation and related topics. It is very easy to perform a levitating pencil experiment with our Kit4Curiou Magnetic levitating pencil kit.


Recommended Age: Suitable for 6+ Years


8-10 days after order is received

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