Kit4Curious - Arduino Compatible Smart Robotic Arm with 4 Servo

AED 124.95


• Arduino/IoT compatible, 4 Degree of freedom, Smart robotic Arm 
• Easy to control, Arduino code and Video tutorial provided 
• Semi-assembled kit with step by step instruction manual 
• Skills developed: Creativity, imagination, analytical skills, motor skill, practical learning, Logical and innovative thinking, robotic concepts, electronic and electrical connections. 
• Ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in robotics. 


Curious robotic arm is a compact size, Ardno compatible, low cost, high quality, smart robotic arm with 4 SG90 servo. You can control it using potentiometer, PC/Laptop, joystick, smartphone, gesture or any other control method suitable for servo movements. It is a semi assembled robotic arm and a complete step by step instruction guide is provided with the kit to easily build and control your robotic arm. Ardno code, connection diagram and video tutorial is also available for this robotic arm to control it very easily.


2-3 days

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