Butterfly Fields - STEM Junior Electricity Kit

AED 210.95


• Award winning STEM learning kits – We have been awarded by IDA in Holistic Development category for our innovative, tinkering, Fun learning and STEM based learning kits. 
• Best STEM Educational DIY Toy designed by experts to develop 21st century skills of INNOVATION & PROBLEM SOLVING through Project Based Learning approach. Each project kit comes hassle-free with all required materials to make working model, with easy-to-understand & step-by-step Instruction workbook. 
• Surprise your child with this Unique & Innovative Birthday Gift that they will cherish. Trigger CURIOSITY & Ignite the SPARK of Science and CREATIVITY in your child. 
. Great toys for leisure & exploration activities at home. IMPROVE ATTENTION SPAN & EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE children keeping them away from Mobile phones, Tab & TV. 
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. Electricity – the pillar of modern civilization – is the simple flow of charge from one point to another to power an electrical appliance. But electricity is not devoid of its many elements, the science behind which is absolutely delightful! 
.Conductors – the carriers of electricity – are very different from insulators in their properties and composition; understand the fundamental difference between both with the help of our practical segregation experiment! 
.Learn how to build a switch – the device that allows and stops the flow of current through a circuit, while understanding its impact of open and closed circuits on electricity. 
.With this electrifying kit, learn in detail about the various components of an electrical circuit: a switch, a bulb, a battery and connecting wire! 
.The Junior Electricity Kit gives children an independent and more concentric understanding of electricity by implementation, thus building a foundation of higher-order thinking, innovativeness and creativity for later application! 


Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above. 


2-3 days 

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