Intelligent Gesture Control Robot

Dhs. 506.86

•  A smart multi-functional robot with great knowledge to play with kids anytime anywhere.
•  This item is designed with interactive and intelligent control of touch mode and gesture mode.
•  Programming a series of movements and auto display to execute them.
•  Up to 2 hours' entertainment provided by the 3.7V 600mAh lithium-ion battery module


Robot would be a great robot partner for your children, this toy robot can be walking forward or backward, making right turn or left turn, moonwalk, dance, play music, send gifts, volume control, explore, voice recording, monster beat, eye light, mechanical language, program, and demo for young kids to control the robot at ease. Robot consist of a voice recognition system, which can be operated through an intellectual voice control mode by saying simple commands listed in the user manual. The robot can also respond to simple questions and greetings. The touch response sensor is installed on the top head of the robot that can interact with the kids when the sensor is activated by the human touch. Voice recording system is programmable and playful for anyone who would like to leave a message for their loved ones. The robot consists of voice recording playback mode that recorded messages can be playback sever.


Recommended Age: Suitable for above 6 Years old

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