Butterfly Fields - Real life application Series Electrolysis & Electroplating Perfect Gift for Budding Engineers

AED 210.95


• Impress your teachers and Surprise your friends at home & at school, by showing them the miniature Electroplating Kit. Mapped to the CBSE NCERT Chapter Chemical Effects of Electric Current and is a perfect School Science Exhibition Project, IGCSE - Solutions, conductivity, Chemical Reactions and Their Practical Applications, ICSE Metals and Non-Metals - process of corrosion and its prevention- Coating With Paints, Oils, Grease, Alloying, Galvanizing, Electroplating, Sacrificial Protection. 
• Explain how car alloy wheels have a protective polish on its surface, how gold plated and silver plated ornaments are made, 
• Perfect birthday gift for those (age 8+ years) who are preparing for a strong foundation for a career in Engineering or Technology and would like inspire the budding scientists / innovator to get a taste of real world examples. 
• Learning By doing Series. Test, set up your own Kitchen Science Experiments and check the conductivity of different solutions, try electroplating of different metals on one another. 
• Hassle free, all material is provided in the kit including LED Light which glows to show conductivity of different solutions. 100% working SUCCESS GUARANTEED. 


• Most kids out there feel chemistry is a big mystery! Yes folks, it’s a mystery! Why don’t you become a Sherlock Holmes to unravel this mystery? Do you know that certain chemical reactions can generate electricity? Really! Sounds interesting right? I will make this sound more interesting… A tomato in your kitchen can make a bulb glow! How? Did you hear about gold plated ornaments? Want to perform electroplating? Then, don’t wait! Grab this kit to learn lots of interesting stuff about chemical effects of electric current. 
• Did you know that most of the solutions of acids, bases and salts conduct electricity? 
• How do we identify if certain liquids are good conductors? 
• To understand this, you should walk a bit deeper into this subject. Don’t worry! We will teach you in a most interesting and fun way. 


Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above. 


2-3 days 

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