Crafty Science Experiments Book - Fun with Science

AED 45.00


•  Provides instructions for simple experiments demonstrating basic scientific principles that also supply the opportunity to practice handicraft skills
• This is a good introductory book for younger kids to have projects to do with a little science thrown in
• STEM learning through hands-on experience.


This hands-on crafty science book introduces inquisitive children to the wonders of science through craft projects with everyday objects. This book has a variety of experiments that are sure to bring out your creative streak while helping you understand basic science concepts. Children can learn how to make a toy raft and discover what makes their boat float, or how to create an ice sculpture and learn about the changing states of solids and liquids. With Crafty Science, difficult concepts like buoyancy, gravity, and aerodynamics become meaningful and accessible to young children through play. They'll discover the world around them as they have never seen it before!


Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above.

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