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• Most kids out there feel chemistry is a big mystery! Yes folks, it’s a mystery! Why don’t you become a Sherlock Holmes to unravel this mystery? Guys! Do you know something? We all survive as a result of chemical reactions! 
• I can state with an example. Can you live without water? NO right! But, Water is a result of chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.Chemicals react with each other to form products. But each of them reacts in a different way. 
• This kit will teach you types of chemical reactions in a practical approach so you don’t have to mug up or drown yourself into confusion. 


Do you know that adding detergent to water releases heat? Did you ever observe it? What do we call a reaction which liberates heat? Exothermic reaction! It’s absolutely fun to study chemistry in a practical way right? 
Grab this kit to learn more such stuff about types of chemical reactions. 

Recommended Age: Suitable for 14 years old or above. 


2-3 days 

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