Children's Robot Arm

Dhs. 367.31

  • • 3D robot arm soft bullet water gun is made of environmental protection ABS plastic, green materials that are safe for children to play.
  • • Every finger joint of the robot arm can move without any discomfort
  • • The water polymer balls that they expel during the soaking process swell upon impact and rupture during the impact, leaving a small drop of water.
  • • Also, the water gun is sturdy to last through several full summers.
  • • These guns are USB-charged and feature a new and improved battery for longer battery life and faster shooting.
  • • The gun is fully automatic and can fire up to 3,000 shots at a time  within 20 meters, but it can be fired at any distance.


This is not a gun, they are a water polo 'explosive device that can shoot water polo like a paintball. More importantly, this is also a robotic hand! The interactive learning robot kit for kids to learn visual coding, building, and programming. Exercise children's thinking ability, learn to sum up problems through practical experience. These robot arms are a great holiday and birthday present.


Recommended Age: They are very interesting for people of all ages, including teenagers, who are even suitable for targeted exercises.

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