Book box gift

AED 129.00

What is Book Box and whats inside the box?

It a  Box full of fun and surprises for kids aged 0-4 years.
we will send you a box packed with exciting books beautifully wrapped and matched to your child's age and reading level. We send international books with beautiful illustrations.


Gift box details

• 1 box with 2-4 books wrapped beautifully, all the books are of international authors.
• Suitable for children between 0 - 4 years 
• Personalized message 
• One Surprise Goodie with every box

Why Books 

• Learning begins right from the time your little one is born. So, it is never too early to gift your baby a book box.
• For enhanced brain development there is no better activity than reading to your bundle of joy right from infancy.
• Reading out from the amazing selection of age appropriate books that STEM SHOP brings to your home, can significantly build and improve your baby' s vocabulary as the months go by.
• Listening to your voice when you read out to your little one is extremely soothing and assuring. It creates the perfect environment for your little cuddle bug to grow.
• Did you know that just by reading one book a month, you can introduce your little one to over 1.4 million words by the time your kiddo turns five.


Once you complete your order, we will  connect with you on whatsapp for the personalized message.Once everything is confirmed we will send beautifully wrapped box between 20th to 24th December based on your preference. 

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