Be Cre8v - Plane launcher kit

AED 125.95


• Fun, engaging and educative activity kit for children. 
• Gift an electronics activity kit thats unique, educational & engaging. 
• Electronic Plane Launcher Activity Kit toy is designed to help children understand fundamental principles of S.T.E.M. subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 
• Develops creativity, inventiveness in children with play based learning. 
• Stem based learning (science technology engineering maths). 
• Explores concepts of connections, motors, circuitry, Origamy, engineering, design. 


Let your child shoot their planes hundredths of feet height with this fantastic STEAM based DIY Kit.

Every child wish to fly a paper plane. What wonderful it could be if they can make their own plane launcher and fly infinite paper planes. With Be Cre8v's Plane Launcher, children will explore the ancient Japanese Art of paper-folding- 'Origami' at its best. Along with colourful sheets of paper, an illustrative pamphlet is given enabling children to design variety of paper planes. The Educational Kit contains how-to-make instruction booklet, code for video instructions enabling children to make their own Plane launcher.

Children will find loads of fun in testing their paper planes. They will find out their favourite one after they calculate the range, time taken taken to cover the range, speed of their planes,etc. The educational project will keep them happily engaged and enhance their motor skills, memorization skills, concentration power. Their joy would be doubled once they will read the concept cards covering important concepts of forces of flight, thrust of launcher, aerodynamics, and interesting facts about flight. They will learn what makes them balanced in air during their journey in flight. a perfect gift to present,

BeCre8v's Plane Launcher kit is just enough to amaze you and your child's friends and family. Wishing you loads of fun with them in this unlimited adventure!


Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above.


2-3 days

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