Arduino robotics classes with WitBlox for 10 years and above intl

AED 885.00 AED 1,050.00

Course Features

• FREE Witblox Arduino Robotics Kit (yours to keep)
• Suitable for 10 years and above
• 12 classes subscription
• Robotics expert teachers
• No soldering or programming required (plug and play)
• Free tutorials and instructional video using premium mobile app
• Access to various robotics competition
Course overview

During the course kids will learn to make 12 models (one model per class)
Some of the models :-
• Introduction to Arduino
• Exploring Arduino and Installing it
• Blinking an LED
• Multicolor Name Plate
• Breathing Flower Vase
• Touch based Bell
• Lux meter using serial monitor
• Patience Tester Project
• Rotating Table(PWD)
• Dancing Show Tunes
• Arduino RADAR Project
• Touchless Door Bell

Kids learn the concepts and basics of Arduino while having fun, building robots of their own.
Product description

Witblox Arduino Robotics kit - Bring your innovative ideas to life with Arduino. Build innvovative projects with Arduino. It's a perfect Robotics Learning Tool for children which helps them learn Design, Hardware, Electronics and Programming. The kit contains electronic devices and sensors like Arduino board,Power, Lamp, Buzzer, Motors, Wheels, Distance sensor, Dark sensor, Invert and In/out Extension. Kids can connect these blocks to make any circuit logic for science/robotics projects.

Recommended Age

Suitable for 10+ Years

1-3 days

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