Why is STEM education so important?

The future of our world will be built on our children’s capacity for innovation, invention and creative problem-solving and STEM is a direct response to that realization.

Why should we be teaching STEM at early stage?

Researchers discover a powerful link between STEM and early childhood; and that by learning STEM skills early on, children are better prepared for school and future careers 

Parents can encourage their children to pursue activities at home which increase awareness and interest in STEM based learning.

Having STEM based activities can pull together the ideas presented in school which helps create an interest often lacking when learning new concepts.

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Do STEM toys really help kids learn?

The focus of toys in last decade has shifted from just plain fun toys to educational toys.

STEM toys are focused on curiosity, education and learning. They are fun and accessible way for your child to learn, because when kids are having fun they don’t even know they are learning. STEM toys are particularly important in the early stages of development because they develop problem solving skills, spatial awareness and general confidence. They also bring out the creative genius in your kids.

It’s no surprise that many parents worldwide are beginning to recognize the tremendous potential of these kind of content / activities and are beginning to introduce these into their child’s curriculum.

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