Kit4Curious - 125 Science Electronics Projects with tutorials

AED 84.95


• Most useful and unique gift for kids to learn and play with 125 projects and endless innovations 
• Comes with User manual, Connection diagram and video tutorials for all 125 experiments 
• Play with motor, LED, buzzer, fan, magnets, switch and other electrical-electronics components 
• Skills developed: Creativity, imagination, analytical skills, motor skill, practical learning, Logical and innovative thinking, robotic concepts, electronic and electrical connections. 
• Ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in robotics. 


This kit is one of the most amazing kits to learn about electronics, magnetism, robotics and mechanics. Your kid can build more than 125 projects with the booklet and videos provided. The kit is perfectly suitable for endless innovations. The kit includes 70+ components as shown in the images including LEDs, Motor, Buzzer, Batery, Cell, Holder, Connector, Magnt, switch, fan, wires, nut-bolts, resistor, transistor, screw driver etc. The booklet is also provided with the kit.
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