Non breakable Optical Tracing Board Copy Pad for drawing, painting etc

Dhs. 84.45

•  Environmental protection, safe and non-toxic, no smell
•  Supports projection from tablet/mobile
•  Projects clear image in paper so that children can see it clearly and draw clear images
• Made of Acrylic


Project images reflection on Premium optical PMMA lens, that you can draw on any opaque material. The picture is not projected onto paper, through the lens sheet, you can see that the picture is imaged on the drawing paper. Tracing board has two sides, front and back, the projection effect of two sides is different, please use the front. The material is acrylic, intimate design to help project the images clearly. The mobile holder has a good grip. This will help children in loving art as much as they do with mobile in today's date. 


Recommended Age: Suitable for kids of > 3 years old

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