Shifu Orboot Globe - 4D Educational Augmented Reality based interactive globe | Smart Globe Exploration in 4d|

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• Orboot's world tour comes with an awesome travel kit - passport, stamp and lots of stickers for the little globetrotter.
• Hundreds of animals, monuments, inventions, cultures, cuisines, country maps, and weather. All in 3D, enhanced with voices and music!
• Solve the Mysteries, crack the quizzes and collect the coins, Orboot is full of adventure.
• Sensitizes the young minds to cultures and people around the world, making them global citizens.
• A dynamic learning tool, Orboot can also cover classroom and homeschooling needs.
• It helps build knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills.

A STEM toy that sparks the imagination and creativity, Orboot encourages the little ones to explore and discover on their own. It builds knowledge as well as develops linguistic and cognitive abilities in the process. Travel the globe and explore the Solar System with the world's first open Smart Globe. Smart Globe Exploration takes young adventurers on a journey of planet Earth and the Solar System utilizing the latest AR Technology.


Recommended Age: Suitable for 5 years old or above.

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