Smartivity - Mix 'N' Match Colour Imaginator

AED 95.95


• The fundamentals of Colour Theory explained in a never-before fun way! 
• Primary colours mix together to form Secondary Colours, while Tertiary Colours are produced when a primary and a secondary or two secondary colours are mixed. 
• With this kit, children learn about colours as well as about gear-mechanism by building the two part project. 
• The Colour Imaginator consists of coloured sectors and two mechanical units - a Colour Mixing Wheel, which when spun with primary coloured sectors fitted on it, results in secondary colours being generated; and the Dark Box game unit, where a kid has to predict the resulting colour. A kid flags the colour they think will be seen, and a marble released shows the actual result. 
• Your child will learn through play: colour theory, gears, persistence of vision 
• This S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y. Toy includes 1 richly illustrated, easy-to-understand, step-by-step Instruction Booklet, that includes a Learner's Log with explanation of Scientific Principles and additional activities for children to experiment with, understand concepts and reinforce learning. 


Learn the fundamentals of Gravity and Pulley Mechanism through play! The Smartivity Stop Drop Gravity Transporter STEM Educational DIY Learning Toy kit is designed to introduce 8+ year olds to the fundamentals of simple machines and the chain-pulley mechanism. Through building this awesome game, children also learn about gravity and weight, and how force of gravity affects motion. Smartivity Stop Drop Gravity Transporter consists of a pulley-mechanism, a cart and track section with dispensing holes and collectors for marbles. As children place or remove marbles, the speed with which the cart moves along the track changes. Children are challenged to deposit marbles in a particular collector. This task can be accomplished only at a particular speed of the cart. Children have to analyse and decide what particular weight will result in the right speed of the trolley’s movement. Overview

Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years old or above.


2-3 days

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