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• Brain is the most important organ in the human body and it’s really interesting to learn much more about it. 
• You think your digestive system, circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, endocrine system etc can work by themselves? No! They need nervous system, the brain to control and coordinate their activities. 
• Do you know which part of the brain coordinates, which functions of the body? 
• How do you react, when you touch a very hot object? You take away your hand from it immediately. How do you react in a fraction of second? 
• Many questions! But we will answer you! Teach you many interesting things about brain. 


Do you know what your reaction time is? If not, no problem! We will help you determine your reaction time. You can check how speed you react to a stimulus and improve your reaction time. 
Do you know that reflex action is involuntary and it is very quick? We will show you how it works! 
Brain has different parts and each of them has different functions. You find it hard to remember? We have a fun way to teach you! The Mega brain booster game! 

Recommended Age: Suitable for 14 years old or above. 


2-3 days 

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