Butterfly Fields - Butterfly Fields Human Eye and Colourful World Science Project Kit

AED 210.95


• Suitable age:13+Years 
• Set of : Model of the human eye - normal & defective::1 corrective lens::1 activity set to understand accomodation of the human eye 
• Teachers Recommend 
• CCE complaint 
• Teaching, learning aids 


Make a model of the human eye to understand: * Structure of the human eye, * How images are formed in human eye * Different parts of the eye Make a model of a defective eye with hypermetropia to understand: * the difference in image formed * the defect and its correction using an convex lens Make an adjustable lens to understand how our eye lens works Different types of cataract, their cause and cure 

Recommended Age: Suitable for 13 years old or above. 


2-3 days 

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