Butterfly Fields - Animals – Their shelter & Young Ones | Environmental Science Project | Science Project Kits | For 6+ year olds

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• We live in a house to protect ourselves from different climatic conditions. 
. In the same way animals also have shelter to protect themselves and their young ones from their enemies and harsh climatic conditions. Just like we have a style and architecture to build houses even Animals, Birds & Insects have their own style! 
• Do you know the young ones of different animals? 
• Are you interested to learn more about Animal shelter and their young ones? 
• Grab this kit to learn about them! 


Did you know that a male weaver bird can build its nest in a single day and it is the only bird which can tie knots? Spider webs are used by birds to build nests. Barn swallows build their nests using mud! With fun activities learn about Animal shelters and their young ones! 


Recommended Age: Suitable for 6 years old or above. 


2-3 days 

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